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Christmas has arrived. Maybe not the way we wanted it to, but none the less, it's here, and we are grateful. Decorations are up, gifts purchased, and for the most part we are ready. This year will in many ways be like last year. Ten people around a table that at one time had twenty three or more. Which means more time on Messenger or Zoom, and we thank God for these technologies.

For the better part of two thousand years, we have not seen the face of Jesus. This doesn't mean we have not seen Him and the impact He has had on all of us who believe. See, His light shines on our lives, and yes He gave us something to believe, and then taught us, Hope, Peace, Joy and Love are ever with us. You need to know, we really see Him in the eyes and faces of people we know and love. You're not reading this just for something to do. You are reading this because you believe. You believe in the Son of God who came, lived, taught and guided generations of people in getting to know Him and His Father.

"Then came the morning. . ." He conquered death and rose so we will rise as well. This reality is the only part of Christmas we wish to experience, He came for us.

We will rise out of this trying time. We will rise and be involved in more than gifts and dinner. We will rise to a new reality of what Christmas was and is - today. It's the morning where the gift of God is evident in the gifts we give. Not just because we should, but because we wish to. It's giving from our heart to another, and not something necessarily they need but something they want.

Maybe that was the true message God has been trying to get across to us and all the people of the world this year. The gift of His Son was both. It is what we need and at the same time it's what we want. Something to think about.

Blessings on your Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


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