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Having difficulty finding things to occupy your time? You have already cleaned out the garage - twice and done the basement three times. You've gone for long walks twice a day and now you take more time to go for groceries each week then you use to in a month. This is all parts and parcel with being told to stay in and only go out when necessary.

In these last 11 plus months we have actually, if motivated, accomplished more than we were able to in the past five years. That is because we have loosened up lots of time that used to be classified as busyness. Our lives were too full of things to do and we never just sit back and watched the grass grow. Today, I believe we have found our calling and that is, to again become a Human Being and not a Human Doer. Maybe for too long we have grown the roses without smelling them.

Many of us can relate to this, while other feel isolated and alone. I too felt insulated these last few weeks. I found myself getting to the point of not really wanting to do anything. Sound familiar? Yes, you heard it here, the fellow who is always doing something didn't want to do anything.

This is when; while in Giant Tiger, I found a jigsaw puzzle with my name on it. It ended up on the kitchen table for a week or so before I broke it open and started work on it. You know, putting a puzzle together actually replicates our reality of life and living.

Humour me for a minute. Don't we all start with the easiest bit and that is taking care of the outside edges? Pretty easy isn't it? Mrs. B. is good at this part. But what happens next? If you are like me, you choose the next easiest part of the puzzle, like a building or tree, and then on it goes. We go from the least difficult to the most challenging. I heard a long time ago that at puzzle competitions, there is either no picture or, you put it together upside down. No, I don't think I will ever do that.

Here is one thing I know; we all do easy things first. Then, as we get better at doing life, we move to dealing with doing and making tougher decisions that lead to even more challenging growth. I think they can call this a 'leap of faith'. Part of this progress is realizing that we can't do everything and we need to lean on someone who can. Yes, we are not God. It's recognizing the need for help and finding someone to teach us.

One thing Jesus did was to be that 'One' to walk beside His disciples and teaching them what they didn't know or couldn't understand. I think the best understanding the disciples learned was what Peter said; 'You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God', and they weren't. Which leads me and hopefully you, to go deeper in you Christian life in times like these, when we have time to just sit at His feet (which is the easy part) and grow in Him (which is the hard part). If we can indeed learn something new every day, what have we learned about Jesus, our best friend, today? After all, we have some free time.

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