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Feed On Me


The depth of our commitment to Christ clouds our faith or colours our faith. Some believe Jesus but it's not the same as believing in Him. We are considered the most biblically illiterate generation of modern times. When we really think about this it will make us want to go deeper in our faith and our knowledge of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. Case in point, how much have you heard about the Holy Spirit lately? This tells us, we need to go deeper, real deep. Just recently I heard on the news someone has sent down an apparatus to explore the lowest depths of the ocean. There they discovered new species that have never been seen before. My bible (NIV) contains 727,969 words. The King James Version, 783,137 words. I'm not going to get into why the difference except to say the difference comes when a number of verses not found in the NIV came about when modern scholars found the older manuscripts did not have those passages.

This past week I had opportunity to sit in the pew. I heard, I learned, I took notes and read them later in the day. They sit here right now on my desk as I asked myself, 'what did I learn and what can I share'?

But what's really important is, how deep have we gotten into the word of God to find those things that we need to get through life. Cases in point, what do you know about the word 'feed'? It appears more than fifty times in our bibles. The main verse we read is when Jesus said to Peter; "Feed my sheep". Did you also know that in Romans 12:20 it reads; "If your enemy is hungry, feed him. . .". That's getting deeper.

Then we have the woman at the well who Jesus told her to drink from Him and she will never thirst any more. Interestingly, we are well aware of the passage that tells us that we love our body and feed it. Some of us too much I might add as I stood on the scales this morning. How much more do we need to not just feed ourselves but to feed others? The deeper we go in our faith the more we have to share. We have 727,969 words, or 1200 pages to devour, but we also have the same amount to share.

John C. Maxwell wrote a book a long time ago called; 'The 360 Leader'. In it he said we can influence not just those people who toil under our leadership but we can also lead those who are leading us. This connects with his understanding that if we continue to grow, those around us grow as well. And that my friend is feeding His lambs.

What am I trying to say? We have a lot of work to do on ourselves so we can feed others that are all around us. This means we have to keep going and keep growing and keep sharing the love of Christ as He calls us, like He called Peter, to feed His lambs. The more we learn, the more we have to share.

Something to think about.


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