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Each and everyone one of us have upcoming events that we are look forward to. We're getting excited. There are many of these special days and they always seem to come well spaced all around the year. Most of them we look forward to and 'can't wait'. But we have no other choice but to wait because we can't eliminate the days between now and then, can we?

At one time I thought the best thing would be to bring all those special days together and have them happen, one day after another. Then I realized if we did that, there would be nothing to look forward to until a whole year from now. And just because; the gov't of Canada has tried to give us at least one day off each month of the year. Go ahead, try to list them. No, Valentine's Day is not one of them.

Our next special event as you know is Easter. Hold that thought and try not to think of chocolate. You may not realize it but every Sunday can be one of those special days. In the time of Jesus, Jewish people didn't do anything at all on the Sabbath. Their faith dictated it as a sacred day. By the way, that's Saturday. Today, we have, in many cases, Sunday because it's the day of celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Himself. I'm a preacher as you know and Sunday is for me the best day of the week. I do a lot of preparation getting ready for each and every Sunday. I'm even doing it now as I write this at 5:30am on Monday morning. The excitement of yesterday spills over into today for me.

For me, church is a birthday party each and every week. Sorry, no cake yesterday. And Lent is all about walking with Jesus, not just to the cross with the disciples but then to Jesus' rebirth on Easter Sunday morning. Sunday should be filled with excitement, enthusiasm, passion, knowing we celebrate and worship the King of Kings. We know the truth of who Jesus is and what He did and continues to do for us and that should be excitement at every level. Don't you think? Let's Celebrate!

Something to think about.


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