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Giving Up


According to my calculations, our physical, noticeable spring will come March 16th. You know that I came up with this date by listening to Wiarton Willie. I am definitely focused on that date because if I'm like you, I need some warmer sunny days. The car is a mess, the snow still blankets our back yard and as I write this snow and cold are on their way back sometime this morning. This is just to remind us that even though the day is not what we might prefer it to be it is still another great day to be alive.

Another thing we need to remember, there was (or is) only one Garden of Eden and only two humans had opportunity to walk in that earthly perfect, pristine garden. Ever since the Garden disappeared from sight, all humankind has been looking for their own, personal, tiny glimpse of it. Sometimes it's when, just for a moment, God puts something in front of us and we stop and stare when we realize this brief moment is our God moment, our Garden moment. It could happen when we are in the right place, at the right time. Or, if you are like me, when you clear away all the weeds of spring, we take a moment to look at our vision of the Garden before the weeds show up again tomorrow.

If you noticed, this is also a description of our life. We try to clear away our weeds only to find them coming back with all their friends. There are weeds in our spiritual garden. In many cases it's an ongoing struggle to rid ourselves of them until we realize that only God in Christ can effectively remove the weeds in our lives and hearts. We used to give up something for Lent and when the 40 days are over, we go right back to where we were before Ash Wednesday. Here is the problem, we are still trying to clear the weeds and have never let God dig them out of our lives and heart. Here is your verse for the week; Isaiah 43:18-19 (but read the whole chapter when you can)

'Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I AM doing a new thing!'

What do you think, is it time, maybe, we need to let Him do a new thing in us?

Something to think about.


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