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Just a Bunch of Crayons


And on the lighter side. . . Things have been a little stressful for many of us lately, so let's take a moment to sit back and take a break. Yes, we have all that stuff out there that bombards our lives and our concerns. Many of it is terrible and disturbing. But if we are truthful with ourselves, we can't do too much about most of it but of course we can pray.

What I want you to do is make a list of things you need to pray for, forest fires, flooding, drought, the children at sick kids, first responders, and all those other things that are happening in the world. And once you have prayed and asked God to help where we can't, leave it with Him.

Now we have a few moments to spend time feeling good about the places in our lives where we can make a difference. And where might that be? Well, I think it's in our own particular colouring box. I know, it sounds a bit crazy, but let's enjoy the lighter side of life for a moment.

The box we hold in our hand has many different crayons. Much the same in shape etc., except the colour. A normal size box has 24 crayons. But just so you know, I think God's box of crayons has significantly more colours than we do. Don't take them out, just open the box and look into the box and pick the colour you think you are. I.e. I pick yellow and that's for two reasons. First I love the colour yellow and second I think I'm a yellow personality. What colour do you pick?

You will also notice that each colour is different but each particular crayon adds to the brilliance of the whole, especially when we rub up against each other. As you take them out, one by one you may be able to assign a friend or family member to each colour. Together we become a kaleidoscope within our world and when you put everyone back in the box, we are in there tight and rubbing up against each other in God's wonderful way of making our lives bright and beautiful, together.

One more thing, God puts us in our particular box in this world to add to each other's life. Sound good? Now call one of the other crayons and do what you do to make a beautiful world and lovely attractive picture together.

Something to think about.


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