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Making Changes During Lent


Did you notice? The snow is gone. Well, in most place. Just some hills of snow in parking lots etc. I love this time of year, especially with spring just a few days away. I believe that for most of us, we are ready to move forward to see all the beauty God has prepared for us this coming year. I'm talking about the pandemic but at this moment I want to focus on what we can see in the future. Good things, wonderful things, new adventures, growing, seeing and being seen.

I also believe we like looking forward to what is coming in our personal future. I put a picture on FB recently of the snow bells that are up and blooming so nicely in our front garden. Just the other day a very good friend sent out a picture of his snow bells. It's another very small item that connects us in this world that connects us personally. I have also shared with some, that we lost six of our seven hives over the winter due to the cold in February. Couple of days ago I was back out to the farm and it looks like the remaining hive is doing very well thank you. Bill and I share this amazing passion of not just making honey, but taking clues from the bees that we can emulate in our lives. Case in point. Do you realize, that bees flap their wings all winter to keep the temperature in the hive around 80F?

Get ready everyone, because there is always something next. Where do we go from here as we dodge the rain and mud of spring? We probably take a breath. Sit in our chair looking for more evidences of what happens in spring that lifts our spirit. Daffodils, Tulips, Crocuses. When we see such things we know that God has taken care of them so they could bring brilliant colours to our world. Again, all of these things do lift our spirits and make us shake off the gloom and darkness of a hibernative state we crawl out of.

Remember, change is always a good thing if it's a good thing. With all we see in our spring world around us, I believe God is giving us another chance to look for Him in all of this. It gives us drive to get through with the peace God gives us. It's not primarily the things we see coming back to life in our gardens. They are good and great but one thing trumps it all. Jesus shows us how He went through the storms of life (winter) and onto the mountain top (spring and new growth). For me, the best part of this time of the year is our time of Lent that leads through our valley of death (Psalms 23) asking personal questions and then on to the top of the mountain and the resurrection.

Something to think about


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