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Starting Anew


Do you remember being in school and being so anxious to see your results from the final exam you were almost sick? Oh yes, you had studied and studied well, but when you wrote the test, you no longer were certain. The wait was almost too much to bear. Your stomach was in knots and, well, you didn't sleep well since the exam. Then as you were out in the work force and on Monday you were told that on Friday you would be going in to have your performance evaluation. Of course you thought you had been doing a good job, but??? It all has to do with not knowing. Yes you thought: but you still never know, until you know. Well, not always. There is a place and time when you can know for sure.

Recently our whole attitude toward the pandemic started to change when we were told things are getting better. It's all because we have gauges that tell us the truth daily. So many cases in 24 hours and how many individuals are still staying home. It also comes out in the amount of barriers the government throw in front of us. Yes, we are trying our best and staying well. This is how we know.

We are doing well and the reasons I know this, is also due to the people reaching out to the old way of living. Recently while driving home from work I heard a story that said; many people are still reluctant to go back to church etc. The good news is, they also said it won't be long until this barrier comes crashing down as well.

We are at a new crossroad, not just in life but a crossroad in our faith journey. It is that point in which we either embrace our faith again with total abandonment or just let it simmer on the back burner. We need to take that step again, grab hold of the truth of God in Christ and give our life anew to Him. It is at that point we stop wondering whether we passed the final exam to get into heaven or about God giving us the two thumbs up. You see, our entrance is not dependent on us, it's dependent on Him. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved for all eternity." There is a forever future for those who believe there is a God who wants the best for us.

If God can take us through the pandemic He surely can take us to the Promised Land. We just have to ask to be forgiven and start walking to Him.

Something to think about.


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