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They Changed My Life


Everyone who is reading this today can remember all those individuals who changed your life. Some of us will have a short list, while others can remember many who just happened along the way over time. If you are anywhere north of sixteen, you can remember vividly a few individuals that made an indelible impression on you. Then if you are over eighty and have made it this far, you can name so many more.

So drop me a line: I would love to hear about your life changing friend.

In most cases they said the right thing at the right time, gave genuine encouragement, the helped you open doors that you thought you knew you could never open. But they helped us swing that door wide because this person knew more about challenges then you ever dreamed of. If I'm not mistaken, they saw something in us and helped us find our way to victory during thundering, cloudy, rainy days where flashing lightening scared us to the core of our being. They also told us to break up the word 'impossible' and get, 'I'm possible'.

A long time ago, I wrote something that came to mind this morning. Someone close to me needed some encouragement, a kind word, a gentle nudge. I wrote to them: "You can do anything you put your mind to. So go for it and when you succeed, you will see me up in the stands cheering you on because I am your #1 cheerleader."

I know all about this because it also happened in my life just like it did in yours. Maybe in different ways, but so important to who we have become. In those times of our life, we needed someone to be there for us and they came along at the right moment with the right words. They believed in us and sometimes saw things in us that we never saw ourselves.

I also know that God is part of this process. He put these encounters, those cheerleaders in our lives for this very reason and at that very moment it, or they change our lives. Maybe it's even right now at this moment when we all need a hand, a kind word of encouragement to carry on. After all, He said He would never leave us nor forsake us. This means He also knows what He calls us to do in and with our lives.

Now it is also time for us to encourage someone ourselves. Just maybe God put someone into our life, to give them a boost.

Something to think about


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