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Enough is Enough


Have you noticed that as these lock downs come and go, so does everything else including the church. I'm not talking about the decline in attendance per say, I'm talking about people just stop coming because of fear. After a while of fear, say two or three years, we find this fear gripping our lives in every way.

We are looking for a way out of our paranoia. We really are. God told us not to fear because He is in control. I want to reassure everyone, there is a bright new future out there for all of us, including those who attend church. Many church leaders know dozens of people who stopped attending at the first day of this pandemic, and have not returned. Because we all need each other, it's time to reconnect. Some organizations tried to get back to normal but the pandemic kicked them all to the curb.

So, how do we change this outcome to joy? We start by doing what God called us to do, bring them in. Never forsake gathering together. That is the line that is a life changer. I believe we are on the beginning of a new reality. The pandemic is going to subside and we will be looking for something we can grab hold of.

Jesus said, "I will build my church". This means we have to go back two years and pick up the bricks that have fallen and put them back in place. What we need right now are people reconnecting with others, by making phone calls and know Jesus needs us to again build the church. Too many people just sit around playing games on their computer due to our fear. Kick all our fears to the curb. It's just another revitalization of our lives and the church like starting a new Great Awakening. And we are going to do it!

Something to think about.


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