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In A Cold Day Of Winter


I really didn't want to go outside this morning. Just so you know, it's cold. The weather man had told us months ago that it would be a warmer winter this year with more snow than normal. Well, like most weather predictions, they were wrong. One more thing, the older I get the more I want to stay inside and keep warm.

So, here I was, wrapped up, ready for what was on the other side of our back door, one last look at the thermometer as I put on my warmed up gloves and opened the door. At that point I did my morning exercise, ran to the car, jumping in, buckled up, and started the reluctant car and then turned on the seat warmer. Don't know who invented the seat warmer, but I thanked them this morning.

As I slowly backed out of the drive, I thought of another time, when the cold of winter mirrored what was happening in my life. We were in the middle of the prairies, in the middle of winter, as close to the middle of the car trying desperately to feel some warmth of the heater. Things were pretty chilly at the church that day and we had already started planning our exit by the fall. That morning I saw for the first time what Hoar Frost was. It was God saying to me, there is still beauty that very cold morning.

Just so you know, God seems to always show up. We do have very cold moments in life that echo our Canadian weather. There are indeed ups and downs of living in this world. They teach and train us to depend on Him. This means we all experience the warmth of God's love when we need it, and we say thank you. We have spring with new life and other experience where we look forward to a great and wonderful time with Him. Fall, when the blaze of colour greets our life every morning and we see how God paints our world to prepare us for other life cold moments.

This morning He showed up once more. In the cold of my car, something caught my eye. Looking out the window, there was the half moon, shinning so brightly. To me He seemed to be reassuring me we are half way there, just hang in, we will make it once more.

He is here, Hallelujah! He is here, Amen!

He is here, Holy, Holy I will bless His name again

He is here, Listen closely Hear Him calling out your name

He is here, you can touch Him You will never be the same

Something to think about


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