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In His Time


Just so you know, we made it and it's all good. We are now motoring along into 2022 and recovery. What is ahead is in many ways up to us. Before I bring you up to date about the future let me say it's been quite the ride this past year. Many of us started off locked down and praying more.

There was a lot of confusion, uncertainty and hopelessness that joined hands with a world we never dreamed of. We isolated, took precautions and in some instances sat in our easy chair wondering what next. I remember as a kid we heard all about life being a roller coaster ride but not many people saw this one coming. Remember, 'The sun will come out tomorrow'.

Now for the good stuff: we made it and we have seen the sun on occasion. Yes we have. If you are reading this you know it. Sometimes it was touch and go and even now, some minor hills to climb. At other times we relaxed a little, getting a glimpse of what we had and what is still in front of us. It is part and parcel with a word that jumps out at us from the pages of scripture: "HOPE". Even when we are disheartened and experiencing despair, we have an eternal HOPE that will lift us up out of the valley, placing our feet on solid ground.

My bible tells me that no matter what, 'nothing will separate us from the love of God', and He also said in Deu. 31:6 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.' A long time ago when I was going through a pretty dark valley, someone said: "If God takes us to it, He will get us through it". Many times in my life I have triumphantly rode through my valleys on nothing but this line.

I want you to know, it's still true today. Along with many of you, I too have been riding through this situation, constantly asking myself, when will this all end? Here is what I know; the song is true;

In His time, in His time

He makes all things beautiful

In His time

Lord please show me everyday

As you're teaching me Your way

That you do just what You say

In Your time.

He has not left the building, He is here, Hallelujah!

Happy New Year

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