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There is something about Christmas that seemed to bring a better frame of mind to many, even with the pandemic numbers. Maybe it's knowing that God is Good and He is still in charge, which of course is a really good thing.

If you noticed, Christmas time jumped out at us early this year. It showed itself back before Halloween. My first thought was that the stores needed the revenue. Maybe they did. But I'm trying to be an optimist right now. Then I will again say, maybe it came early because we needed it to.

Christmas is all about Jesus but this year it seemed to also be about feeling better than we have for too long of a time. So, here we are coming to the end of the Christmas Season that did help some. The next event on our calendar will be Feb. 14th. That's seven weeks from now. And what's after that? You get the picture.

I think we should celebrate Christmas every month. I really do. Here we are thinking about Jesus ever Sunday. My mind is thinking of all these possibilities that we could be involved in throughout the year. I am thinking that we can do this by helping all kinds of people. There are so many ways. But here is my idea; every 25th of the month we need to celebrate Christmas by doing something for someone who can never repay what we do for them. Jesus did it for us didn't He?

I don't need to list things to do because you already have more than you can do for the next four years, that would be 48 25ths. Here is what I would like everyone to do, write me! Let me know what you are going to do, who you are going to celebrate "Christmas" with and in so doing, saying thank you to Jesus for coming to pay for our sins that we could never repay. "Go and do likewise".

Then, Christmas will become a yearly celebration at least once each month.

Something to do more than think about.


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