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Turning Corners


It's been an interesting couple of years. Started out pretty normal and then something that some had warned us about, came from out of nowhere. It came around the corner and proceeded to steamroll all of us. Don't you just hate those corners? Just a hint, all corners are not all bad.

After such a long time, we are coming up to a new set of rules this week. This time, our hope and prayer is we will turn the corner and it will a bright wonderful sunny day once more. To tell the truth, along with many others, I wasn't sure of what would, or will be our future. I've turn a few corners in my life, some good, some not so much but in all of them, I hung in there and succeeded.

Here is what I know. We are a 50% world. Fifty percent will be good and the rest, we scratch our heads and push back on the negatives. Some of the negative fifty percent can be changed to positives and by doing so, our averages can change significantly.

Case in point; when I turned the corner of making a decision for Jesus, things got much better in my life because I made the decision to give Him control of my life. That went pretty well until satan wanted to control me once more. Life is hard, making decision is difficult and sometimes, we celebrate making a right choice and turning the corner smiling from ear to ear. Here is the other thing I know; God wants to be the pilot of my life, I'm just the co-pilot.

He goes around corners with ease. When we put Him in control, it gets easier. Case in point, we are turning the corner in regards to the pandemic. We breathe a sigh of relief and say, thank you Lord. This week contains Ground Hog Day. Another corner knowing spring is on its way.

Spring, a time of new life, new beginnings, and new opportunity to make right decisions and turn the corner in life. My bible tells me that if we let Him, He will make our path straight. God wants to be in our coming and going. I'm thinking we are about to turn around a good corner for us to turn, but only with His help. "Thank You Lord".

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