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Well, one more Advent Calendar chocolate disappears. Yes, many children, and older kids to, are counting down the days until Christ arrives in a new way. And even if you don't have a calendar, you might just be counting the amount of sleeps until Christmas morning. Don't do that. Don't wish you days away.

I guess I'm a little different at Christmas. I don't look at the calendar to count the days, I count the number of chocolates I have yet to devour. It's the same with counting the sleeps until Dec. 25th morning. I don't even count the number of Hallmark movies for tv I can cram into my already busy day. I count something else.

Putting the counting aside for a moment, this is what I do; I live each day at a time. At the same time, I'm making the most of each day and I'm not just talking about seizing the day. My mind is set on making the most of each and every day, living as it was my last and planning for tomorrow. I think that is what God wants us to do. By the way, my plan for heaven is already taken care of.

But this is where I take a detour. For the most part, I spend time with people. By the way, I really like They allow me to pause anything and everything when someone calls or drops by. When I do this, the person I am with realizes they have my full attention.

Here is something to really think about. Do you pause what you are doing when God wants to talk to you? Is it easy for you to just pause your life, to just sit and listen to Him, or even go to Him so He can listen to you?

I just read something that Steve Brown wrote this week and because I don't sleep all that much I wanted to share. If you can't sleep, remember the song Bing Crosby sang to Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas. When you have those 'God moments' (because that is what they are) and you can't sleep, spend time with Him 'counting your blessing'. And thanking Him.

My Bible tells me to make the most of each and every day. It also tells me that God's primary interest is spending time building a relationship with each of us. Then and only then, can we spend time building relationships with others by mirroring what He is doing with us. My bible also tells me to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. And that will be the word for the last Sunday of Advent this coming Sunday.

Something to think about.


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