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Hi, glad to have you drop by. So, you have made the decision to follow Jesus, wonderful! It will be a journey of discovery for you as you move forward in getting to know Him and getting to know all about what He had done & will do in your heart. He will change you for the better.

There are two things you need to do.

First, if you have a bible, go to The Gospel of John. It's the fourth 'book' in the New Testament closer to the end of your bible. (If you don't have a bible, send us a email or give us a call here at the church and we can give you one.) Read through that book first and maybe read it a couple of times before you venture into other 'books'.

Secondly, find yourself a church to attend where you can join in with other people who believe in Jesus. God is a God of relationships and He calls us to relationship. The first one you have is with God and His Son Jesus. After that it is Jesus calling us to join with each other for support, and to grow together closer and closer to Him.

That's just the beginning. You are starting on a road of discovery. Enjoy the journey of a lifetime. If we can be of help or walk with you, don't hesitate to come by some Sunday or drop us a line.

God Be With you.


Pastor Rob

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