June 2021

"Lean on Me"


But then again, it may have a lot to do with the intensity of our struggles and our ability to cope. You see, we all have ups and downs. Many times we all work through the irritations with rapidity. But when struggles get more difficult we either collapse under the pressure or scream out for help. Is there a...

Good & Great


'We are so blessed. . .' These are words from a most beautiful hymn by the Gaither's that we sing on occasion. And for many reasons these words came echoing back in the quietness of this wonderful morning. Just sitting, reflecting and listening to God as He teaches me something more about what He gives to...

It's been a long road and we are almost there. Most of us are not much for change but I can assure you, our next change in this world is something we have dreamed about for a long time. Life changed sixteen months ago and none of us wanted it. I also know that the older you get the...

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