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Blog February 2022



If all you can do is pray, then get to it!

Just last week I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the full moon coming up way before 4 pm and still in the sky way past 8am following the morning sunrise. There was more than 18 hours of witnessing the reflection of the sun off the moon. Must have been something about Christ being the light of the...

"If you're happy and you know it, . . . What words would you put in the last phrase? Yes, I know it's a kids song that we sang when we were in Sunday School. But did you know it wasn't just a church song. It was just a kids song to cheer all kids up. In...

Many things have happened over these last number of weeks since we crossing into a new year. One thing of note was, one date on our calendar was 02/02/2022. It was warm up until New Years when our Canadian cold moved in. We have also had to deal with societal issues. Many of them we would have done better not...

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