Blog January 2022

It's been an interesting couple of years. Started out pretty normal and then something that some had warned us about, came from out of nowhere. It came around the corner and proceeded to steamroll all of us. Don't you just hate those corners? Just a hint, all corners are not all bad.

I really didn't want to go outside this morning. Just so you know, it's cold. The weather man had told us months ago that it would be a warmer winter this year with more snow than normal. Well, like most weather predictions, they were wrong. One more thing, the older I get the more I want to stay inside and keep warm....

Snow Storm


It's Monday morning. Supposed to be back to school day, it's not. Supposed to be 'back to work day' and for many it's not that either. I've been looking out the window since way too early like most of you, wondering when this will all be over.

Have you noticed that as these lock downs come and go, so does everything else including the church. I'm not talking about the decline in attendance per say, I'm talking about people just stop coming because of fear. After a while of fear, say two or three years, we find this fear gripping our lives in every way.

In His Time


Just so you know, we made it and it's all good. We are now motoring along into 2022 and recovery. What is ahead is in many ways up to us. Before I bring you up to date about the future let me say it's been quite the ride this past year. Many of us started off locked down and praying more....

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